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065 BOS - Will Hunter, JFK Bomb Cyclone, ground handling revealed, Alaska Timbers, ANA brothers

Episode Summary

Flight 065. Special guest Will Hunter tells us all about the hidden side of ground handling. The East Coast 'Bomb Cyclone'. A very very safe 2017. The bizarre tale of the ANA turnaround. The public versus private airport dynamics. A new Google Flight. United can't catch a break.

Episode Notes

00:00 - Introduction, a Hunter family historical event

02:07 - Will Hunter: why Boston, past aviation career

09:12 - Safe 2017, soiling United, in flight ice-cream

17:21 - JFK bomb cyclone

23:43 - Ground handling revealed

31:11 - ANA bonus passenger, names mixup, Ryanair fast exit

40:46 - Worst airports, airport business models, MNL handouts

54:25 - Emirates 777 First, New Google Flights, Alaska Timbers

1:03:58 - BOS

1:10:24 - Next flights, DEN, Mastication Nation