Flight 065. Special guest Will Hunter tells us all about the hidden side of ground handling. The East Coast 'Bomb Cyclone'. A very very safe 2017. The bizarre tale of the ANA turnaround. The public versus private airport dynamics. A new Google Flight. United can't catch a break. 

00:00 - Introduction, a Hunter family historical event

02:07 - Will Hunter: why Boston, past aviation career

09:12 - Safe 2017, soiling United, in flight ice-cream

17:21 - JFK bomb cyclone

23:43 - Ground handling revealed

31:11 - ANA bonus passenger, names mixup, Ryanair fast exit

40:46 - Worst airports, airport business models, MNL handouts

54:25 - Emirates 777 First, New Google Flights, Alaska Timbers

1:03:58 - BOS

1:10:24 - Next flights, DEN, Mastication Nation