Flight 063. Alex flies to Haneda with ANA, Paul to Narita with Cathay, they share what it's like to fly in Japan. The wonderful Haneda observation deck. Nobody has nailed the boarding process. Zodiac seat shambles. The impact of Brexit on airline ownership rules. Boeing subsidized the bankrupt Monarch. How involved is the crew for a long haul turnaround. Good bye MyFlights. And more.

00:00 - Introduction

00:58 - Alex flies ANA to Tokyo, flying within Japan

09:36 - BA and Cathay boarding zones

14:10 - United Lounge, ANA Emirates turnaround policies, Star Wars

18:56 - Paul flies to Tokyo Narita with Cathay, Zodiac seats

26:40 - Haneda deck, bizarre fast-track, LGW trick

35:21 - Monarch bankruptcy, Boeing subsidy

39:40 - ADP, Brexit impact on ownership rules

45:53 - BA overhaul, kills OpenSkies, some CDG tricks

53:34 - Boeing v Airbus, Emirates gold

57:20 - Alex flies Emirates First, WiFi

1:08:21 - DWC future, Emirates shames Airbus, new 380 future

1:13:23 - ITM

1:25:02 - MyFlights, next flights