Flight 062. Emirates unveils a Mercedes in the sky. We need virtual windows everywhere. Air France can't contain a 380 engine failure. Singapore elegantly double beds its 380s. Boeing is furious at Airbus for its surprise Bombardier move. Qatar buys into Cathay and to become Italy's next flag carrier. Alex spots a drone on final.

00:00 - Introduction

01:43 - Emirates new super First, virtual windows, new business & coach

21:37 - Alex's wife asks why they don't fly Emirates more

26:32 - Emirates buys Dreamliners

32:22 - Qatar buys into Cathay, Italy ambitions

40:00 - Singapore offers hotel rooms in the sky

46:39 - No 380 secondary market, 777 was the real revolution

51:10 - AF 380 uncontained engine failure, repatriation strategy

57:22 - Airbus artful acquisition of Bombardier CS, massive 320neo order

1:03:26 - Alex flies to LED, Attache, Paul flies to TIA, Bruce Dickinson book

** 1:09:33 — Alex spots a drone on final

1:15:33 - BQH, flying private

1:20:48 - Conclusion, next flights