Flight 011. The creative ways to add more seats to an already cramped economy. Angry Birds lands in planes. Narita uses running tracks instead of airport signage. Emirates removes First Class on an A380. A handler wakes up in the cargo hold during flight. Google faces antitrust case in Europe. The craziest runways in the world.


I. News of the week

The subsidies received by U.S. arlines

Emirates lets go of First in new A380

Boeing parks 787 in Mojave Desert as premium seat glut increases

Early overweight 787 finally find owners

777 improvements while waiting for the 777X

Virgin America tops U.S. customer satisfaction

E.U. airlines fined for mishandling passengers' rights

Airport handler wakes up in cargo while flight en route

TSA wins big on loose change

II. Innovation news of the week

III. App of the week

IV. Topic of the week

The future of economy is shrinking

The situation

The manufacturers plans for more economy seats

The airlines new economy

The seat recline debate

A better economy seat

The best current seats

V. Question of the week

VI. Airport of the week


A plane spotter paradise.