Flight 007. For Your Ears Only: The Man With The Golden Apple Watch. The MH370 Report Is Not Enough. The Messaging Apps Who Loved Me. From The U.S. Airlines With Love. Quantum of Solar Impulse. 747s Are Forever.


Alex and Paul are on a secret mission to uncover the latest in aviation innovation. Well, it's episode 007, expect Plenty O'Puns.

I. News of the week

The U.S. airlines release their white paper about the Gulf airlines

Emirates really wants its A380-NEOs

MH370 interim report

Incidents in series

Solar Impulse 2 starts its round-the-world trip

Qantas 747 lands for posterity

Korean Air will fly its 747-8 to London


II. Innovation in AirTech, PaxEx and Design

SITA's report on the future of air travel

Uber suffers drawback in Japan

SkyTeam goes all in for messaging apps

Thought-controlled piloting 

A new airliner tracking system


III. Gadget of the week


IV. Debate of the week

The planes, airlines and airports of 007


V. Question of the week

What are the private 747s in operation today? by Paul Papadimitriou, in honor of Auric Goldfinger who flew a Lockheed JetStar.

The lines of private and state-owned can sometimes be blurry, but we found three candidates, two 747-400 and one 747-8i. We enumerate a few other examples too.


VI. Airport of the week


Casino Royale is the only 007 movie which features an entire action sequence in an airport: Miami International. Nothing was filmed there, though. It all happened in PRA (airfield), NAS (airport), the Dunsfold Aerodrome (hangar) and Pinewood Studios (miniatures).

We still look at what's to say about MIA. The iBeacon initiative is of note.