Flight 005. Who are the Gulf airlines. Why is Lufthansa going low cost. How to win Air France upgrades on your phone. Where are Delta’s lost dogs. Which aircraft broke the round the world record. What is the name of the largest airline in the world. Could China Eastern’s digital personal assistant answer those questions?


I. News of the week

US airlines vs the Gulf airlines, round two

Are cabin toxic fumes a health risk?

North Korea Air Force One

Turkish might get two A380s

Gulfstream breaks world record

Lufthansa's premium costs versus LCC

EU releases report on LCC working conditions

Virgin America posts profits

Delta lost dogs

Russia requests API


II. Innovation in AirTech, PaxEx and design

Air France mobile upgrade game


China Eastern introduces digital personal assistant

Siri in the cockpit

3D printed Rolls-Royce engine

ANA sells 747-400 parts as memorabilia

A Concorde podcast episode


III. App of the Week


IV. Debate of the Week

The origins of the Gulf Airlines


V. Question of the week

What is the largest airline in the world by fleet size? by Paul (after Alex told him Emirates wasn't in the Top 10)


VI. Airport of the week

One of the most efficient airports when it comes to transit—a 30 minutes layovers is enough to catch a connecting flight, but also one of the most forward-looking when it comes to noise and pollution control.