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Airlines Won't Be Able to Add More Stuff When You Buy a Ticket Online

The EU’s new consumer rights law bans certain dark patterns related to e-commerce across Europe. The “sneak into basket” pattern is now illegal. Full stop, end of story. You cannot create a situation where additional items and services are added by default. No more having to manually remove insurance from your basket when purchasing plane tickets.

This is actually welcomed news. I was always annoyed by the attempts from some airlines to add some stupid insurance product or what's not just before check out—yeah, I'm totally looking at you, Ryanair.

Well, I'm more than looking at you. Ryanair. You're actually the reason why that EU law has been put in place. And you're still not compliant:

It’s a fair bet to say that the company whose conduct led to this law being created in the first place is going to throw out quite a few examples of noncompliant conduct. In this example, they are still adding the additional payment by default, leaving the consumer to manually opt-out of it. That’s wrong.

Ryanair x PayPal

Ryanair and PayPal have established a new partnership which will allow Ryanair’s customers, including leisure travellers, travel agents, and corporate travel departments, to book their tickets through their PayPal account on the airline’s website.

Ryanair seems to be willing to go a bit beyond its rather-disastrous image. A new smartphone app (that you don't have to pay for!), upcoming features for business travelers and now this, a partnership with PayPal. 


Passenger Mistakes Plane Door with Lavatory

But when he felt the urge to use the lavatory he ended up trying to open the rear door of the Boeing 737 after mistaking it for the bathroom entrance.

It's obviously impossible to open a door during a flight, due to the pressure differential. But maybe Ryanair has a new revenue model there: charging for passengers that want to attempt it.

The (drunken) passenger was arrested.