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The Air France Strike Goes On


Pilots are protesting over the firm's plan to expand Transavia because they fear it will drive down their wages.

It's hard to argue otherwise.

Air France's european business has been strongly hit by the low-cost carriers competition—as it's the case with other legacy carriers across the continent.

I remember a discussion I had with some AF staff a few years ago. The plan was clear: Air France would become a premium product to compete on long-haul (and selected shorter routes) and the rest of the company would become low cost.

Honestly, I don't see how the company can healthly survive otherwise—no matter how hard it must be for the existing staff.

FAQ: What Happened to MH17

The NYTimes is doing an excellent job summarizing the questions and answers related to the crash. 

I particularly liked how they're displaying what other airlines were doing in the last week over Ukraine. Air France and British Airways were seemingly already avoiding the airspace, while KLM, Lufthansa or Thai Airways hadn't altered their plans (it has changed since).

Flight paths (image credit: NYT, from FlightRadar24 data)