In episode 007 of our podcast, we narrated the story of Qantas's first ever 747-400, the City of Canberra, being delivered to its final home, the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society.

To do so, it had to land on quite a short runway.

Pilots extraordinaire. 

Pilots extraordinaire. 

The pilots did train specially for this landing which required a lower-than-usual approach speed (with a less-than-usually loaded aircraft) with tires slightly deflated (to ensure faster grip on the runway).

The plane, specially numbered Flight 7474 for the occasion, had 30 years in service, more than 13,800 flights for more than a 100,000 flight hours, carrying more than …4 million passengers. It also still holds the record of time over distance by a commercial aircraft, a London to Sydney non-stop, set in August 1989.

That plane really deserved to find a home where it could retire in peace whilst inspiring us all.

✈︎ Listen: Alex and Paul discuss the Qantas 747 retirement (at 28:09)