The war of words that has started since the major U.S. airlines went on the offensive about the Gulf airlines seemingly had one side effect.

Beyond the rhetoric, both Emirates and Etihad have ramped up their communication. Is it just a result of the turmoil or was it planned beforehand, I wouldn't know, but it's certain that we've all seen many more ads online by these two.

Etihad has gone very upscale by hiring Nicole Kidman as their brand ambassador.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 1.28.24 PM.png
I don't think anyone also reflects elegance and flair as well as Nicole Kidman does

says the airline president and CEO, Hogan.

Here's the full ad:

It's truly a full on campaign, as their YouTube channel attests, with a flurry of new videos describing the experience passengers can expect.

As I noted during our latest podcast episode, Etihad is introducing the ABU - JFK route with the A380 and its Residence (where Kidman is sitting) on December 1. The first flight was sold out in less than 4 hours (!)

If you have 40 minutes, you can watch the entire launch interview with Kidman too: