The world of airport codes is a wonder and a mystery. As we discussed in episode 004 of the podcast, their origins can be found in meteorological stations, regulations, old city names or airfield names. 


For the wonder, head to, such a glorious website. An image is worth a thousand, well, airport codes:


It is the work of Lynn Fisher and Nick Crohn. Amazing job, we love it!

And beyond the wonder, the website helps you unveil part of the mystery:


If your airport of choice is not listed, you can simply tweet the authors and they'll add it. For those geeks of you (no, not the avgeeks, the tech geeks), you can contribute to the code that powers the website over at its GitHub repository

With that sense of wonder and parts of the mystery removed (only parts, as the real discovery remains in visiting those airports!), they'll become your building blocks to start playing with ITA Matrix.

✈︎ Listen: the origins of airport codes, starting at 57:32