This could have ended catatstrophically. 

Japanese investigators believe that a Boeing 777-200 struck its tail after the captain ordered a go-around despite the first officer’s having already initiated reverse thrust.

This has poor cockpit communication written all over it, a problem which is unfortunately endemic in many Asian airlines due to existing cultural and societal hierarchies. The first officer was pilot in command and was landing the airplane but:

The captain, in his belief that the aircraft had bounced, acted to avoid a hard landing by ordering a go-around. This decision ran counter to the standard procedure which dictates that a go-around should not be attempted once reverse-thrust has been initiated.
JTSB says the captain took control of the aircraft and, instead of rejecting the go-around, cancelled the reverse thrust and advanced the levers to take-off power. The aircraft had been down for 10s and had slowed to 108kt.

These chaps should be thanking their lucky stars.