It seems that the A380 isn't the only plane that gets fitted with lounge bars. Not to be outdone by the giant of the skies, the 777 is seeing the birth of a Sky Lounge with China Airlines.

Evoking a library. (image credit:  TalkInterior )

Evoking a library. (image credit: TalkInterior)

‘Sky Lounge’ is a self-serve bar and social area located in the first galley of the China Airlines 777. During in-flight, passengers can choose to walk up to the lounge to enjoy food and drinks while chatting with other passengers. The bar is divided into three sections. From left to right: tea area, alcohol area and coffee area.

Whilst it can't be as massive as, say, the Emirates bar at the end of the A380's upper deck, I find it very thoughtfully designed. I particularly like the idea of providing books on both ends of the lounge. 

The new China Airlines 777-300ER should be starting operations at the end of this year.