As my name doesn't say, I'm also a Swiss citizen. Allow me some chauvinism for a minute with the unveiling of a new plane by Swiss aircraft-maker Pilatus.

The cross and the edelweiss. (image credit: Pilatus)

This "Super Versatile Jet" is like a, say, Learjet 60, a turboprop medium-light jet but it has the capacity to land in much rougher environments. Pilatus uses the word "off-road". A SUV then, but a serious Range Rover, not a bulky Lincoln MKX.

This is a composite photo, yet it looks cool (image credit: Pilatus)

The aircraft was unveiled on August 1, our National Day, whilst I was having cervelat and Gruyère in sunny London.

I don't think any aircraft is allowed to use this flight path over my hometown, Geneva. (image credit: Pilatus)

After this first prototype, two others will be built. The maiden flight shall happen early next year. Certification is expected around 2017. Not enough time for me to find the financing, so I'll reserve my money for good cheese.

I was once too in this uniform. No horses or Pilatus for me though. (image credit: Pilatus)