We looked at what the customers wanted, and found a good number of customers didn’t want a full meal on a flight less than 2 hours

I know, I know, my headline is misleading. But allow me to do so after reading the above PR spin.

In reality, American will only remove meals on short haul flights.

You're basically going to be unlucky if you travel for less than 2 hours and 45 minutes (although some higher-yield legs like ORD-JFK will still offer a meal).

Want the specifics? Here's your level of luck with AA: for less than an hour flying time, you'll get a "packaged snack".
Between 1 and 2 hours, a "savory" snack and sweets (are they implying that the packaged snack for shorter flights is not "savory"?).
Between 2 and 2.5, you can have some fruits too. Yay.
Between 2.5 to 3.5 hours, you'll get a meal.
Between 3.5 to 4.5 hours, a snack and a meal (no mention of "savory" this time).
Longer flight? Throw a dessert and pre-landing snack in.

American does not specify if tarmac-time are counted against this time scale. I'm guessing not.

Oh and you're also lucky depending on the timing: meal-service hours are restricted to the 5am to 8pm window. Because, you know, no one eats later. And sleep is good for you. Sleep, the AA captain says. 

This is only the latest casualty of the battle of the skies. After all, American is aligning itself with similar practices at Delta and United. 

With a savory classification of 89th out of 100 in the latest SkyTrax ranking, we could also settle on the fact that flying AA is an unlucky experience by itself anyway.

Oh but wait:

We’re preserving signature elements that have set apart American’s meal service, like our popular warm mixed nuts
Savory truth in advertising. (image credit:  Kingnut )

Savory truth in advertising. (image credit: Kingnut)