You probably know that Pokemon is huge in Japan. And you might know that ANA has had aircrafts with liveries representing Pikachu and friends for a while now.

What's the situation in 2014?

Down from its heyday where you could see up to 7 concurrent planes, ANA only operates a single one. A 777-300 (registration JA754A if you want to know it all).

It's been the case since the last two repainted 747-400s were retired in 2013 (ANA is phasing out its use of the aircraft).

The 777, nicknamed "Peace Jet" has been flying between Haneda and Sapporo lately and it will have a special appearance on a NGO - OKA flight (and return) on August 30 to celebrate the summer, with tons of swag and competitions to go along.

Don't ask me to name them all. There's Pikachu and … (image credit: ANA)

Flying on the plane always promises a full Pokemon experience, as the entire interior is redesigned along with the attendants' suits, the IFE, the amenities, etc.

Besides the aircrafts already mentioned, ANA had repainted three additional 747-400s (one that could be seen in the US) and four 767-300s since the inception of the promotion back in 1998.

The big question? As the largest owner of 787s, will ANA ever do a Pokemon Dreamliner?