Ever wondered what it's like in one of the busiest airports in the world? With a flight landing and taking off almost every minute during peak hours, it can get pretty insane. 

Shoot a timelapse of that, and you get transported to a sci-fi world with shooting stars breaking into the atmosphere.

Tails. (image credit: Milton Tan, YouTube)

The result is quite amazing indeed. 

Milton Tan, the photographer behind this film, has written a behind-the-scenes article on his blog.

I shot a total of 11,000 photos and about 7,000 made it to the final cut. The photos were processed in Lightroom and the final footage edited in Premiere Pro.

Capturing the skies. (image credit: Milton Tan)

And who says airport authorities are always uptight?

The guys from Changi Airport reached out to me to shoot in the restricted runway area of Changi Airport after they saw my first film from The Air Traffic series which was shot at Changi Beach. It was a thrilling experience as you don’t usually get to enter the restricted runway area, let alone shoot in it.

Let's hope Milton gets another chance at doing one when Changi is revamped, what a backdrop it would be!

Watch the beautiful film:

And here's the first film by Milton (shot from Changi Beach):