Last June, Airbus Corporate Jets released its 'Billionaire Study' report, done in conjunction with Ledbury Research, a London-based luxury and wealth management market research firm.

Giving wings to their lifestyle, whether it be work, rest or play, is important to billionaires because it helps them to make the best use of their time - as well as making their travel more comfortable.

Not exactly Ryanair indeed. 

The study is an interesting look into the behaviors of billionaires towards luxury and travel lifestyle. I didn't read anything that I wasn't already expecting though. 

As a reminder, the largest private jet in the world is non other than the …A380, ordered by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. Before getting that one, he had a 747-400. The Sultan of Brunei or Joseph Lau of Honk Kong have private 747s.

Extra, extra, extra leg room. (image credit: Lufthansa Technik)

Below is how Lufthansa Technik envisioned a privatized A380 back in 2011: