The goal of what the airlines call their New Distribution Capability (NDC) is to include services such as baggage fees, seat assignment, extra legroom and meals in pricing options at comparison web sites like Kayak, just like they already appear on their own web sites.

With a current system that dates back from the 1960s, it's time to step it up. The US Department of Transport has given final approval for the new system, the one proposed by IATA.

You could be on a third-party website, add your loyalty number and directly see tailored offers for you. Think enhanced personalization—though it might also mean that it will become more complex to compare prices across third-party booking agents.

There are some privacy concerns about the amount of information that could be recorded from passengers, which is why the plan is opposed by some, Europe travel agents' association for instance.

I understand both sides. But it remains clear to me that we can't live on an archaic system anymore.