It's not everyday that a near miss (or airprox if you favor the UK terminology) is captured by a camera. Thanks to Miguel Angel, a plane spotter, we have (a scary) one.

At 0:24 in the video, you can see a Boeing 767 from UTAir on final for runway 02. A few seconds later, an Airbus A340 from Aerolinas Argentinas (with full SkyTeam livery) crosses that same runway, apparently taxiing towards runway 25R.

You can clearly hear the Boeing engines roaring as the Russian pilot pulls up to avoid a collision. 

The Spanish Airport and Air Navigation (AENA) issued a statement in which it said there was no danger whatsoever and sufficient space existed to carry out a landing. While the viewing angle might be prone for misjudgment, both Alex and I disagree and believe this can definitively be called a near miss—it's also unlikely the UTAir pilot would have done such a risky escaping maneuver for no reason.

Holy cow!

The Boeing did a go around and landed safely minutes later. 

This was a close call. (image credit: YouTube video from Miguel Angel)

(captain's hat tip to JP Rangaswami)