The National air Traffic Services (NATS), the company that handles most of UK air traffic (a whopping 2.2 million flights a year!) offers some pretty amazing air traffic visualizations on its Vimeo page.

The sequences were produced by 422 South. The above North Atlantic Skies video shows a 24 hour period of real flight data during the 2013 summer. That represents roughly 2500 flights.

I love how they outlined the various control centers' areas of command. Beautiful.

Besides North America, NATS is also active in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia. The video of the Arabian Peninsula was created from data taken between November 28 and 29, 2013. With Dubai's DXB overtaking London's LHR as the busiest airport in terms of international traffic, this visualization is bound to look busier in years to come.

NATS's original base, the UK, is heavily highlighted in the third video below. 

You should definitively also check 422 South's YouTube channel. It has additional fantastic videos, including some other flight paths. 

NATS North Atlantic Skies and the New York Oceanic Control Center (image credit: 422 South)

(captain's hat tip: Pietro Zuco)