Lufthansa is the proud recipient of the 1,500th 747 produced by Boeing in Seattle.

On its way to Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago, Captain Uwe Strohdeicher (who's also the airline's VP of Flight Operations) made this epic comment:

It is a legend … It's very nice to handle, it is easy to fly … it's like driving a Porsche … [while size-wise] it's like driving a Mercedes S-Class.

(Watch the video at the end of this post) 

As the airline that first introduced the 747 to Europe in 1970s, Lufthansa is celebrating the 'dash 8' version in style. The 'Experience the Legend' site offers a 360 degrees view (downloadable as a screensaver!), wallpapers and more.
Not fan of the use of Flash at all (not installed on my browsers and it won't work on mobile), but I'll give them a pass, as the experience is well thought out.

Pay attention to the little camera when it appears on screen, clever way to play with plane spotting behavior 

Two majestic birds (photo credit: Experience 747-8 by Lufthansa)

There are also two nice films about the history of the 747. The second one features 70s promotional footage of the 747. Shows how far we've gone along while all is still very familiar. 

Noise-cancelling much? (photo credit: Jumbo 40 Years of History, in Experience 747-8 by Lufthansa)

One constant? The love and admiration for the 747. It hasn't changed in all those years. Thank you Lufthansa.

Back to our captain.

Great guy, right? I'm sure he has those Ray Ban Aviators somewhere. 

70s or today, Aviators forever. (photo credit: Jumbo 40 Years of History, in Experience 747-8 by Lufthansa)