With PrivateFly, departures from London to Cannes on a seven-seater Citation 1 private jet would cost £171 per person today, while easyJet is charging a minimum of £183 per person for flights to Nice. EasyJet passengers would then need to pay additional charges to transfer to Cannes as its small airport is unable to support larger aircraft.  

It's obviously not as flexible, as the PrivateFly model relies on repositioning—private jets flying empty to a location basically. If you're ready to book on short notice and be flexible with the destination (and the fact that you'd probably have to find a return flight the "traditional" way), the summer looks like a great period to find some amazing deals to fly in style. 

That obviously applies even more if you're a business class flyer:

On September 26, for example, a group of up to 14 could fly from London to Hong Kong in a Gulfstream GIV for £3,750 per person. The same one-way journey would cost from £3,804 in first class on Cathay Pacific.