Surveys show that most people think they actually have about 30 minutes to get out of a burning plane. The reality is that it takes, on average, just 90 seconds for a fire to burn through the plane’s aluminum fuselage and consume everything and everyone in it.

Indeed. Thus, some tips to survive a plane crash, starting by being fit:

differences in age, gender, and girth account for 31% of the difference between people’s evacuation times

those who survive a plane crash typically only have to move an average of five rows to escape. Beyond five rows the chance of getting out alive decreases.

if you want to up your chances of survival, you need to be extra vigilant and ready to take action during the first 3 minutes after takeoff and the last 8 minutes before landing.

Plus 3, Minus 8 rule. Not the first time I've heard about it.

the FAA found that frequent fliers were the least informed on what to do and most susceptible to the normalcy bias in the event of a plane crash.

Well, now that I read the tips this article gives, I should be good, no?