As every year, the SkyTrax customer satisfaction survey is in. You can pour through the various categories, I'll just glance over a few here.

The 2014 Airline of the Year goes to Cathay Pacific. It was "only" ranked 6th last year. Qatar and Singapore round up the podium, like last year.

As we all expected, the Top 10 is mostly comprised of Asia-based carriers. Like, basically, every single award here.
is that why they do region-specific awards? So that a US airline has a shot of winning anything?

The World's Best Economy Class Airline Seat is awarded to Saudi Arabian, the Business Class Seat hardly surprisingly goes to Singapore (I love Lufthansa, but 10th? I'm really not a fan of their new "let's have a feet-party" seat) and First is won by Emirates (I've been lucky and got upgraded in the past with them, what an incredible experience).

On the ground, European carriers Air France and Lufthansa fare better by ranking top of the Best First Class Lounge (along with dining). Turkish, BA and Virgin Atlantic get into the top 10 for the Business Class Lounges, won by Qatar. 

But once in the air, the food is still better served and tasted on Asia-based airlines, whether in Economy, Business or First

The one airline that pushes its way to the top for all types of travelers is Turkish Airlines. They've done impressive improvements on their overall offering (and just get into the business lounge in Istanbul, wow!). I'm really glad the it gets recognized. 

I've never experienced a better in-flight entertainment system than Emirates, and indeed, they won. Like in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. 
At this point, you're wondering if any other airline is still trying (they're not really, according to my recent experiences, it's still meh).

Oh, about the US having a shot at winning anything, The Best Airline in North America goes to  …Air Canada.


That bad. To the point where I can't honestly understand how OneWorld can win the Best Airline Alliance award by having American Airlines ranked a pitiful 89th out of 100 overall.