JAL is having a one month experiment with low-energy bluetooth beacons information broadcasting in HND.

The airline has given Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to some of its ground staff to assess if they could be of faster service to customers wanting to ask simple questions as "when is the last Monorail departing?" (I know the answer: 10 past midnight, always maddening me as the recently-introduced international flights all land around that time!!).

The idea is to push relevant information via a grid of iBeacons (Apple's trademark for the low-powered indoor proximity system).

But it's not only some kind of concierge service, it's supplementing traditional radio services too: JAL is seeking improvements in communications between the controller desk and the staff scattered around the airport, at a gate for instance.

(image credit: Yusuke Kohase / Aviation Wire)

This comes two month after JAL tested Google Glass at Honolulu airport to see if it could improve remote maintenance.