a seat that can figure out your favorite food, sitting position, movie preferences, and more. It uses NFC to connect with your mobile so that you can either tell the chair what you like before boarding, or let it use your data to figure everything out.

Impressive, though I'm not sure I'm ready to divulge my entire life to an aircraft seat just yet (though admittedly, a lot is out there anyway for all of us, wether we like it or not).

Thanks to eye-tracking technology, you can select a movie just by looking at it on your screen. If you doze off, the system will pause the movie until you wake back up.

My scenario? Auto-pause when I look at the flight attendant (I think it's basic kindness to  always pause and remove my headset when a flight attendant comes, even if it to quickly refill my glass).

First things first, though: since this Thales-made sofa can monitor my health too, for it tell me I'm not at an elevated heart-rate due to stress, the airline should just give me the seat I've actually booked—and not re-assign me a new one without my consent as in my past two flights.

Tom Cruise approves of this seat (image credit: Thales Group)