Lufthansa really went all in with the World Cup and the Mannschaft (the nickname given to the German national football team).

A month ago, in a flight from Sofia to Munich, I was treated with this (very good) chocolate with my meal. 

Whilst I didn't get the chance to hop on it, I then spotted an actually repainted A321 on the MUC tarmac, the Fanhansa Airbus.

They actually did it! They've rebranded 7 planes, including a B747-8.

Fanhansa 747-8

Fanhansa 747-8

Yes, I know, I know, it's just football and it's just sponsorship, but it's all nicely done and made with the heart—it also spurred endless fun conversations with various LH crews (I'm a regular of this airline) about which team I support (Greece? Switzerland?). 

If you read German, the Fanhansa website is nicely done. You can also spot the football rebrand on their Twitter channel and other properties.

And just for the eyes, a livery making-of video :