So many airports have been locking down since 9/11, restricting access to vantage points, discouraging loitering, and generally making them unfriendly, inaccessible places. But an airport in Camarillo, California is doing quite the opposite, building an outdoor space to encourage families to experience aviation first hand. 

The "Viewport" will serve as a place for visitors to see planes come and go and to learn about the airport's history and aviation groups that support it.

Amongst the attractions is a mini-replica of the entire airport facility. 

A microcosm of the airport, the Viewport includes a miniature runway just south of the real runway 8-26, a taxiway system and a 16-foot replica of the control tower with live audio of air-traffic communication. A Grumman F8F Bearcat was on display nearby by the Commemorative Air Force.

Budding aviation enthusiasts are no longer allowed to visit the flight deck on commercial flights so it's encouraging to see airport authorities picking up the slack and introducing kids to the magic of aviation. Kudos, Camarillo.